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Ox Mesh Leaf Protection™

Ox Mesh Leaf Protection™ installed on a gutter

Ox Mesh Leaf Protection™ is a uniquely designed system that allows water to freely flow through it while keping debris out of your gutters. The stainless steel membrane is pourous enough for even the heaviest of downpours to not run off your gutters while the mesh keeps leaves, sticks and even shingle grit from clogging up the gutters. View the pictures and videos below to see for yourself how your gutters will be clean and protected for years to come with Ox Mesh Leaf Protection™.

STAINLESS STEEL mesh that prevents anything
larger than 85 microns from getting into your gutter

Ox Mesh Leaf Protection™ easily allows water to passthrough while blocking debris

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Installs on new or
existing gutters

No holes, slits or
louvers allowing
debris through

Installs on nearly
any type of roof

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See for yourself why this is the best leaf protection solution on the market