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Ox Mesh™ is manufactured in Iowa, but is available from a vast network of dealers nationwide.  Start here if you are not located in Iowa and we will direct you to a dealer partner.

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Ox Mesh Leaf Protection™ | Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Are you a homeowner who is tired of climbing a ladder to clean your gutters?

Do you own a gutter company, roofing company or construction-related business and want to offer the best products for your customers to keep their gutters in great shape?


Ox Mesh Leaf Protection™ is your answer.


The patented solution allows water to flow freely through gutters while keeping debris out. Stainless-steel mesh prevents anything larger than 85 microns from getting into gutters and is sturdier than other leaf protection products on the market.

Make Cleaning Your Gutters a Thing of the Past


How does it work?

The patented design allows water to flow freely through your gutters while keeping debris larger than 85 microns – yes, that means virtually anything, even shingle grit – from clogging the gutters and obstructing water flow.


Ox Mesh keeps debris out because there are no holes, slits, or louvers. 


You will not have to clean your gutters again.


The fine stainless-steel mesh membrane will withstand wear and tear. We are so sure you will love the product, we offer a lifetime warranty.


Where can I use it?

Ox Mesh Leaf Protection™ can be installed on existing gutters or new gutters and with nearly any type of roof. You’ll never have to clean gutters again!

Quality, durable leaf protection

In addition to upholding its innate purpose, Ox Mesh is the only product of its kind to remain self-supporting despite the test of time.


Its width can span anywhere between 4 inches to an entire foot, and regardless of the surface area it covers, the strength of its material remains steadfast in supporting whatever weight it is required to bear. 


Ox Mesh also offers a personal touch as every piece is manufactured directly in All Eastern’s headquarters, with two specialists working to fabricate every inch of product it sources. With hands-on care and strict attention to detail, Ox Mesh remains steadfast in every single unit offered on the market. The installation process also remains committed to upholding quality. Because the mesh becomes an extension of the roof itself, installers take great care to ensure every section is installed correctly. 


Other businesses, from gutter companies to construction sites, are very proficient as well and adhere to the expertise implemented directly by All Eastern’s employees. All dealers involved with Ox Mesh have become so impressed by the product that they advertise it on their own websites, endorsing its impressive qualities to their own customers as well.

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Gutters are shallow troughs attached to the edge of a roof and are designed to divert rainwater from the base of your home with the help of downspouts. But gutters and downspouts must be free of debris to work efficiently.


You could climb a ladder and risk injury three or four times a year to remove the debris that’s collected in your gutters. Or you could install Ox Mesh Leaf Protection™ and have the peace of mind that you’ll be safe, your gutters will remain clog-free permanently, and you’ll prevent devastating and costly damages to your home. 

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