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Why Ox Mesh Leaf Protection™?

Our product is a uniquely designed system that allows water to flow freely through gutters and downspouts while keeping leaves, sticks and other debris out of your gutters. The stainless-steel mesh membrane keeps anything larger than 85 microns from getting through, even shingle grit.


Plus, it’s porous enough for the heaviest of downpours. Rainwater will flow through your gutters and downspouts – not off your gutters.

Watch our product demonstration that compares Ox Mesh to eight other leaf protection products.

Call Ox Mesh Leaf Protection™ first.  Keeping your gutters free of leaves and debris does not have to be a massive expense.  Ox Mesh has less over-head than most of the products you see advertised on national television.  The product is manufactured in-house and the creator of the product owns the patent directly.


You will never have to clean your gutters again if you use this product. 


What does never mean?  Never means not having to worry about clogged gutters and water damage.  Never means putting your ladder away for good. 

You could climb a ladder and risk injury three or four times a year to remove the debris that’s collected in your gutters. Or you could install Ox Mesh Leaf Protection™ and have the peace of mind that you’ll be safe, your gutters will remain clog-free permanently, and you’ll prevent devastating and costly damages to your home. 

Call (800) 287-5724 or fill out the form below for immediate information.  You will speak to a real person at all times.

Not in Iowa?  OxMesh™ has a vast network of dealer/installers around the country.  Call us and we will direct you to your nearest installer.

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